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Setup Linksys WAG 120N Modem Router from Cisco

This wireless-N router gives decent speed and performance for light internet usage. This is being rated as a good wireless router, though there are a few issues reported by some users with wi-fi connectivity getting lost, but is recoverable. Here we try to cover the WAG120N installation procedure, configuration and troubleshooting tips. We will keep updating this post with more information as and when available.

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Linksys WAG120N Installation
The Linksys WAG120N is very easy to install and use actually. You could get it working with most of the Internet Service providers – BSNL, Airtel,MTNL etc in a few steps within minutes. The easiest way to install this router is through the setup installation CD comes along with the package. However, you can install and configure this router without the installation CD as well. Installation of WAG120N using the CD is quite self explanatory. All you need to do is to place the Setup CD on to your deskopt/laptop and follow the simple step by step instructions (with pictures)  and it will be done in a few minutes, even for a novice user. Please be careful to follow the instructions exactly the same, else might get into some troubles.
To install the WAG120N without a CD, follow the steps below:
[NOTES: Before you start doing this - 1) Get a splitter if you want to connect your phone and pc at same time 2) Contact your service provider and get user name and password for your broadband subscription]
1) Remove existing ethernet connection of your computer to the modem [if you have one already]
2) Power down your computer [and modem if there is one]
3) Remove the dsl connection to your existing modem [if there is one] and connect it to the DSL port of WAG120N router. [NOTE: If you dont have a normal ADSL modem from the provider, mostly you will not have a splitter too. In that case, you need to get a splitter if you want to have your phone and PC connected at the same time. A splitter can be bought from the market within 200 INR approximately. We (NetNLap) would get you a splitter if you need one along with your WAG120N purchase]
4) Connect the Ethernet cable comes with the WAG120N to first Ethernet port on the router and the other end to your computer/laptop
5) Connect one end of the power adapter (of WAG120N router) to the router and other end to wall power socket
6) Power on your computer and the WAG120N router
7) Now check the the LEDs of WAG120N for Power, Wireless, and Ethernet. All should be lighted up. If not, make sure the Modem Router is powered on and the cables are securely connected.
8 If all the LEDs above mentioned are on, time to start the configuration :-) . Now open your web browser. Enter in the web browser’s Address field and press Enter.
9) If the connections are right, you will get a login page asking for user name and password. Enter “admin” in both the User name and Password fields. Click OK.
10) Now the Basic Setup screen should appear. If not, you might have probably entered wrong user name and password or they are set incorrectly in the router somehow.  You may go ahead and do a hard reset of the router to get the user name password set to default – admin
11) Now you need to configure the settings required for your Internet Service Provider (Airtel,BSNL,MTNL etc) for the Encapsulation, Multiplexing, and Virtual Circuit (VPI and VCI) fields. These fields are essentially the configuration parameters required for the router to work properly. You could call the customer care of your Interet Service Provider to get these values. [However, we would provide you the most commonly used values by different Internet Service Providers in India as a reference.]. Following table lists the parameters for the various ISPs in India. Basically you need to se these values accordingly in different configuration places.
Source: Netnlap

If you need more detailed step follow the details and screen shots below

  1. Open a browser (Internet Exploreror, Mozilla Firefox etc.) and type in the address bar

  2. The browser should ask you for username and password, use username: admin and password: admin (these are the default for Linksys routers, refer to your manual if they don't work)

login screen screenshot

STEP 2: Configure the basic settings

  1. You should now see a interface that shows "Setup" at the top on the left Basic Setup.
  2. Fill in the following settings:
    • Encapsulation: RFC 2516 PPPoE
    • Multiplexing: LLC
    • Autodetect: Disabled
      • VPI: select from the table wrt to service provider
      • VCI: select from the table wrt to service provider
    • Username: Enter the username you've received from us.
    • Password: Enter the password you've received from us
    • Time Zone: (GMT+02:00) Harare, Pretoria
    • --Leave all other settings as per default--
  3. Click Save Settings to save all the settings.

settings screenshot

STEP 3: Configure Wireless settings

To disable wireless conectivity (do this if you will not be using wireless)
  1. Click on Wireless.
  2. Configure the following under Basic Wireless Settings
    • Wireless Network Mode: Disabled
  3. Click Save Settings to save the settings.

wireless disabled screenshot
To setup wireless connectivity
  1. Click on Wireless.
  2. Configure the following under Basic Wireless Settings
    • Name (SSID): Enter what you want to name your wireless network
    • --Leave the other settings are per default--
  3. Click Save Settings to save all the settings.

  4. securying wireless screenshot
  5. Click on Wireless Security.
  6. Under "Security Mode" select WAP2-Personal and the WPA2 menu will open up.
  7. Select 'TKIP or AES".
  8. Enter in a pre-shared key that you will remember so that you can put it in to any computers you wish to have connected wirelessly.
  9. Click Save Settings to save the settings.

wireless security settings screenshot

STEP 4: Check to see if you're connected

  1. On the top menu, click on "Status"
  2. 3 quick checks to see if you're successfully connected:
    • The internet light on the modem will be green.
    • It will read Connected next to Interface.
    • The connect button will be greyed out. (ie, You will be unable to click on it)
  3. If the disconnect button greyed out is click on connect. You may have to be patient, it will turn red if there is a problem.

step four screenshot

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